Free 7 Day Virtual Meditation Journey

(During Lockdown)

These are strange times indeed, take it from an expert ‘self isolation’ won’t be easy at all but it doesn’t have to be dark, dull or depressing either... in fact it could be the space you need to find more meaning or purpose, discover a hidden talent or transform a part of your life in some new, unexpected way.

“Contained inside each problem are seeds of opportunity. "

As some of you already know I spent 5 years totally bedridden with a severely debilitating illness - I couldn’t walk, dress myself, watch tv, listen to music and visitors were limited due to my severe migraines, muscle pains, and brain functioning not mentioning the horrible anxiety attacks and deep depression. Its was 5 years of excruciating isolation.

Those 5 years I would’wish on my worst enemy but the lessons, wisdom, tools and perspectives I gained we’re unbelievable, priceless and massively life-changing... something I’m super grateful for now.

One of the the biggest gifts to come out of that challenging time was learning to meditate properly - the process literally saved my life and kept me from going mad - I can honestly say I wouldn’t be here today without it.

This is why I’ll be stepping up to the plate to support anyone struggling to cope or interested to learn. I’ll be sharing tools, tips and practices to help you through the next few weeks with some short videos and a free guided meditation journey - something I’ve been putting off for years... something I’m not at all comfortable with but I’m self employed, I run a small business and need to embrace life online.

Now is the time to help each other become the best versions we can be - helping each other to thrive through adversity. If you’re struggling, anxious, vulnerable or just interested then feel free to reach out or share the videos with your friends & family. 

Remember to stay calm, dig deep and look out for each other! #stayhome #withme

If you can learn one thing during these strange times I would strongly urge you all to learn to meditate - if you do you’ll come out the other side smiling & ready for anything.

I ran my first ever virtual meditation series right back at the start of lockdown to help everyone settle into & cope with this strange situation, providing vital support for mental wellbeing - the sessions are great for all levels of experience and are now available to watch and share below.

Super simple in format with some great tips the get your meditation practice kick-started.

They last 30-40mins including a 20min guided meditation to connect you to the blissful silence that rests within.

After receiving great feedback from attendees I've decided to continue the free virtual classes on a weekly basis every Wednesday 7.30pm-8pm.

If you’d like to join the group please reach out so I can share the event links with you directly.

Really looking forward the sharing these amazing tools to help support your mental health through the coming weeks.

Peace ✌🏼 see you in the gap!

DavidJi Testimonial | Certified & Trusted

With 14 years dedicated practice I began teaching meditation in 2013. In 2016 I completed my teacher training with esteemed master DavidJi in California. I've worked closely with the University of Sheffield for a 2 year period to help students find inner calm amongst hectic academic studies. I run regular workshops at Excel Martial Arts Academy and delivered many classes for Nufield Health, Prime Mover Gym & Site Gallery in Sheffield as well as working with dozens of private clients & sessions for the general public. See my profile on the DavidJi certified teacher page: here

Comments so Far

"I’ve suffered from really bad anxiety. Never thought this is something that would help. It’s amazing and even the husband, who was a ‘non believer’ of these types of things, will be continuing this on a regular basis."

"The sessions have been very helpful to get my thoughts in order during bizarre times, good doing group meditation but in comfort of own surroundings."

"Really enjoyed Steve’s classes, they were more like an easy conversation - not structured, at least they didn’t appear to be. Steve is open , honest and authentic, and made me feel really welcomed and comfortable throughout week. I’ve wanted to explore meditation for a while but juts never had the time, so was really good to commit to the same time every night for 7 days- great format! Thanks so much."

"I've already massively benefited from Steve's meditation classes in the past, but have been out of the habit recently so during this stressful time it's the perfect thing to get me back on track."

"I've found these sessions very helpful as a way of getting back into meditation and to remind myself that the act of making the time to do it is enough, even if my mind won't switch off the whole time."

"I really enjoyed it, it was out of my comfort zone and I really struggled to switch off (it didn't help that I have 2 kids who were being very loud in background but couldn't help it). I never realised there were techniques to meditation and would like to learn more."

•    •    •

Day 1 | Sunday 22nd March 

Day 2 | Monday 23rd March 

Day 3 | Tuesday 24th March

Day 4 | Wednesday 25th March

Day 5 | Thursday 26th March

Day 6 | Friday 27th March

Day 7 | Saturday 28th March

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