The Spirit of Sapien

Sapien Studio is the new atelier of Industrial Designer/Artist Steve Anwar. Sapien short for homo-sapien captures the spirit of oneness, of collaboration & community but also represents Steve's love of mans ancient story. Based in Sheffield the heart of England’s industrial north the studio produces sculptural objects, artworks & bespoke statement furniture, fusing elemental materials and processes with high quality craftsmanship. Anwar born and raised in Sheffield (the steel city) likes to draw from his dual heritage bringing together ethereal-eastern thinking & ideas with northern industrial manufacturing & materials with a firm focus on the hand made. The style is a contemporary mix of modern, experimental, and sculptural typologies blurring the lines between design, art and object.

"I'm a big believer in the positive impact both meditation & art can have on our wellbeing & daily human experience. Meditation is like my in-breath or input & art is my out-breath or output”

The Art of Meditation

Health, mental wellbeing and community spirit lye at the heart of the Sapien practice. Steve is a master meditator with 14 years of dedicated practice & 7 years teaching classes, guiding hundreds of people in Yorkshire including regular sessions at the University of Sheffield. He came to meditation after a long and very challenging illness that left him completely bedridden for 5 years. He continues to run various classes, courses & workshops in his local area  to support mental health in the community. Much of his creative inspiration is taken from this multifaceted topic. In 2016 Steve became a certified teacher - completing his 16 week 'Masters of Wisdom & Meditation' teacher training in Carlsbad, California with the esteemed master Davidji. His classes are designed to help everyday people transcend the mind bullish*t, training them to deal with the hectic rhythms of modern life, helping restore balance, clear stress & boost wellbeing.

Steve has found infusing these ancient techniques with his own creative process can have unexpected results, dramatically improving & unlocking creative potential. He calls this process 'the Sapien Method'. A contemporary social practice that creates opportunities for people to come together to meditate, make, think creativity and 'learn by doing' to help ideas come to life. Curious? Read more here

See Steve's profile on the DavidJi global certified teacher page: here

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